Resurrected Carrots!

In late August of 2020, I planted a bed of carrots, hoping they would be ready by late fall. However, by the time cold weather set in, the carrots were too small to harvest. The tops died and sat through the winter. I learned from Elliott Coleman that you could harvest carrots through the winter if they were large enough. Since these had not grown to size, I thought I would pull them and replace them in the spring. However, I noticed the tops re-sprouting. So I left them. Here in late April, they are starting to grow again! Resurrected Carrots!


Early Girl Tomatoes

Early Girl tomatoes are the signature crop at Andalusia Farms. Started in the greenhouse as early as possible, mid-to-late April, they are grown on strings and generally hit the celing and grow down over the summer. While blight resistant, they do begin to die back in July. However, they provide prolific crops of great mid-size tomatoes from June to October!


Spring 2017 brought fresh eggs from our hens, baby spinach in the cold house, and small strawberry bushes for a new berry garden!


Summer 2017 produced bountiful harvest of tomatoes, beautiful strawberries, a plethora of peppers from the hillside garden, and spaghetti squash!