Andalusia Farms is managed by interns who work throughout the year on a flexible basis. Most interns are between 18-25 and work on a paid/volunteer basis. All interns volunteer a small amount of time each month to support our non-profit efforts through Pax in Terra. Most interns have other interests-whether it be school, another job, etc- and work at Andalusia farms in order to gain the skills and learn the techniques that will benefit them in whatever career they choose in the future.

In the Local Food Research intern  (LFRI) program, we teach the value of work, help young people create a relationship with the land and non-human species (plants and animals), understand new techniques for growing, preparing and preserving food, as well as skills to help them sustain themselves into the future.

We also provide them the opportunity to help the poor locally through Pax In Terra- where we run our sister farm at Blessed Sacrament in Bridgeport, CT, deliver fresh food to the food pantry there,  and to help in our fundraising efforts for the poor in India and Peru.