The Person, Fully Alive: Transhumanism and the Glory of God

Michael Dominic Taylor – April 17, 2021

In its modern form, “transhumanism” means overcoming the finitude of human nature through the aggressive use of emerging technologies. Take, for example, Elon Musk’s Neuralink AI microchip brain implants, which are set for human trials later this year. Advocates for transhumanism seem to come from many different angles and walks of life. What they hold in common are their allegedly altruistic motives and their radical optimism towards technology. Even according to some environmentalists, we must seriously consider human engineering to prevent climate change. Their suggestions include genetically inducing intolerance for meat products; the “pharmacological enhancement” of empathy for other life forms through the use of antidepressants and hormone treatments; and, having children by in vitro fertilization, selecting for the smallest offspring, thus reducing their ecological footprint.

But as the late Stratford Caldecott warned, the pursuit of technological and political power is fundamentally the wrong approach to solving any environmental problem. This way, environmentalists “will try to get their hands on the relevant levers of power and will be increasingly, and everlastingly frustrated, to discover that all their attempts come to nothing or even make things worse.”

Because “moral questions… always turn out to be epistemological questions, which in turn are determined by… metaphysical realities,” then before asking ourselves what we should do, “it is first necessary to ask the more fundamental question what it is.” The climate-change transhumanists who make the above proposals have very specific visions of both anthropology and metaphysics, of what it means to be a human person, what our ultimate good and final telos is, and the nature and meaning of reality.

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2021 Season has begun!

2021 started out cold so planting has been a little slow. However, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower were planted in the coldhouse Easter Week -April 7-9.  Already, two weeks later, we are having salads from the new growth.

2021 Season has begun!

2021 Season has begun!



Late Fall at Andalusia Farms 2018

In this video we will show you some of the results of this years growing season, while working to extend the growing season in our cold house and how we are preparing for the winter and the upcoming growing season.



Spring at Andalusia Farms 2018

Spring time is a busy part of the year for any farm. In this video we will show you what we are growing here this spring at Andalusia Farms, as well as what we plan to grow this summer.


Extending the Growing Season in the Coldhouse 2017

In order to extend the growing season beyond the first frost we planted a variety of crops in the Coldhouse. This allowed them to continue growing into the colder fall months!



Last Harvest of the season! 

October 30th yielded the last harvest of the season. With a big frost predicted for the night, the final fruits of summer were picked for this beautiful salad and for one last run to the food pantry.






First Frost Stir Fry! 

With the first frost of the season expected to officially end the 2017 growing season on October 17th, all the remaining vegetables were compiled for a deliciously fresh stir fry dinner.






Spectacular late September harvest

A cool Spring and early summer led to a bumper crop of tomatoes and peppers, all harvested on September 22nd 2017! Our tomato and pepper plants have been exceptionally productive this year and have enabled a steady supply of fresh food to the Blessed Sacrament food pantry all throughout the growing season.




New Berry Garden planted!

This spring a new berry garden was built and planted behind the greenhouse. Filled with strawberry and raspberry plants, it has produced great crops of berries for breakfasts and baking! Additionally, there are milkweed plants among the berries to attract butterflies and encourage pollination.