Whether working above ground like in our research greenhouse, in the coldhouse growing under plastic, or in our various fields and beds, it is necessary to integrate a healthy soil-making process in order to keep production of high quality vegetables going. Our goal is to develop methods that produce the most nutrient-rich quality produce available-with as many crop rotations as possible. With that in mind, we are constantly developing methods for creating soil that keeps plants happy.

There are two primary components to our organic soil:

1) organic matter- we use a number of ingredients for this mix. Our favorite at the moment is degraded horse manure and hardwood leaves. We turn this mix several times a year and add to the soil at least once a year and many times when we plant a new crop.

2) Nutrient Mix- Our base compost is comprised of grass clippings and vegetable cuttings. This mix is made by combining during warm months in a plastic drum tumbler. This is added to the soil in offseasons-either late fall or early spring.

For raised beds, we will add fish when we have it and are experimenting with various compost teas for intermittent spraying.